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Type: OVA   (6 episodes)

Vintage: 1992


» action
» catgirl
» comedy
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Nuku Nuku - OVA

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Ryuunosuke and his dad were fleeing the evil tyranny of Mishima heavy industries (led by Ryuu's mother none the less!) with the experimental battle android which his father Natsume couldn't allow to be used for evil purposes. During an intense chaise a cat was somehow caught in the crossfire and mortally wounded. Ryuu didn't want the cat to die, but how to save it? Hmm... lets put it's brain in the battle android! From there things get a little weird (yeah, like this was normal to begin with). Ryuu's over-protective mother Akiko is bent on getting her beloved son back, as well as punishing her husband who made off with the android prototype. Of course the android isn't just any android, but is now Super Cat-girl Nuku Nuku! This is one of those situations where the term "dysfunctional family" is a huge understatement, but although Nuku Nuku might be made of steel, she has a soft heart - and just maybe she can help bring them all together... well maybe.

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All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku is a fun watch. As an anime with over the top antics, it retains much of it's charm over the insanity. It's typical for an upbeat light watch of 1990s vintage, with a good mix of action and comedy, but one of those titles that's worth digging up if you haven't watched it.

The nature of OVA releases over a period of years, makes Nuku Nuku vary in content, style and quality. For the most part, Nuku Nuku is consitent with a light hearted theme, fun, and antics. Where the show doesn't fair so well is with the appearance of Emi: an android bent on doing away with Nuku Nuku. The problem with Emi, is that as soon as she appears, it devolves into simplistic explosions and tearing up the environment. That's okay, but it gets old and lacks the charm which makes Nuku Nuku an anime worth watching. She only appears in two of the episodes.. which is enough.

While this involves a "catgirl", Nuku Nuku isn't the pandering sort you'd expect in modern anime. Nuku Nuku is more cat like, and as an android isn't much of a romantic interest - although the show isn't above a little fan service. Kind of hard not to like the catgirl in a mermaid outfit idea in episode 2.

Overall All Purpose Culture Catgirl Nuku Nuku might not serve ALL purposes, but she gets the most important one right: fun. The OVAs are good for a lighter non-serious show, with a bit of charm to them.

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reviewed by archen in 1999