Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Weak
Characters: Fair
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2001


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Najica Blitz Tactics

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Najica is a top executive for a perfume company, but less known is her side job as a secret agent. Najica is one of the best, and up until now always worked alone. The agency assigns a partner named Lila, who's a kind of android known as a humaritt. A new series of assignments has the pair tracking down renegade humaritts, and with super human abilities, Lila's skills will certainly be required. But will she truly be accepted as Najica's partner?

Thoughts: >

After the apparent success of "panty shots: the anime" (aka Agent Aika), the concept was attempted with a TV series. Instead of becoming an Aika adaptation, Najica Blitz Tactics has a similar theme and environment with a totally different story and characters. This turns it into something like Noir with excessive panty shots. You'd assume by the way I keep bringing up panties, this anime would be a total waste, yet it fairs better than some serious shows. Amongst its peers of the late 90s early 00s, it's not too bad.

From a technical perspective, this anime has plenty of military content to geek out over. Heck in the first episode I was already caught up by Najica using a Mi-24 Hind for transportation. Lots of guns to spot too. Not something you'd expect from an anime which goes out of it's way for up-skirt camera angles.

Blitz Tactics focuses on Najica, and her new synthetic partner Lila. Najica herself is a rich owner of a perfume company, but apparently so badass she accepts exceptionally dangerous spy missions just because. Lila is typical for the emotionless doll kind of character, but interesting in how she continues to grow when interpreting experiences and instructions without understanding the context. Compared to Agent Aika, these two bring the show together and make it far more watchable.

The plots vary in quality, mostly following a caper of the week, as the two track down rogue humaritt androids. While some don't hit the mark, many do; making the anime far better than expected. Blitz Tactics only falls short in a few areas. The shift to CGI animation at the turn of the century didn't fair well for this show, although it looks acceptable. Snazzy music supports the spy theme, but can get tiresome in long scenes. However where Blitz Tactics botches it is in the end.

Individual stories varied in success, but overall faired well. The bigger plot is well established, with a good setup for a resolution. Clearly the creators desperately wanted something memorable and whimsical. That could have worked if the anime built the story in that direction, instead it accomplishes this by an unexpected pivot which doesn't fit well. Aside from that problem, Najica Blitz Tactics is decent, but not quite good enough to dig up among the sea of older titles.

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reviewed by archen in 2016