Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: OVA   (6 episodes)

Vintage: 1996


» adventure
» comedy
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Master of Mosquiton - OVA

Summary: >

Inaho is descended from a long line of witches. It is from her grandmothers book that she learns the story of a powerful vampire. Inaho takes it upon herself to bind that vampire, named Mosquiton; to herself. While Masqiton is indeed bound to her, and Inaho in love with him, the un-dead vampire doesn't particularly like Inaho's schemes to find the all powerful pieces of the O-parts.

Even more reluctant, are Mosquiton's two servants. But maybe some good will come out of all of this... if they survive Inaho's recklessness.

Thoughts: >

Master of Mosquiton comes in two forms: TV and OVA. My advice is that you avoid the TV series because... well, just do. The OVA never becomes anything great, but if you're expectations aren't high, it isn't bad. Master of Mosquiton is one of those "check your brain in at the door" titles meant to be fun more than anything. It mostly accomplishes that, so it's difficult to be hard on this for lack of depth or story.

Character wise I found Inaho to be unbelievably annoying, and probably compounded by her dubbed voice actress. Luckily the title is salvaged by the other characters, so perhaps she plays a necessary role. The core of the show deals with Mosquiton and Inaho, but is slightly unusual in that neither Mosquiton nor his servants want anything to do with Inaho's adventures. The lack of dedication works well, but could get old fast. Luckily the series isn't long enough to feel tired.

For an OVA, the quality is good. It doesn't have a strong story, but doesn't seem like it's supposed to either. For killing time it's not bad, but there's a long list of anime titles better suited for that purpose.

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reviewed by archen in 1999