Animation: Excellent
Depth: Good
Design: Good
Characters: Fair
Story: Good

Type: OVA   (4 episodes)

Vintage: 1994


» action
» mecha
» sci-fi
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Macross Plus

Summary: >

Isamu Dyson is selected to pilot the next generation fighter prototype for the RDF fleet. A competing project also has a revolutionary prototype controlled via cybernetic link. The test pilot also happens to be a former friend, although these days the two have a lot of bad blood between them.

Emotions flare as the two projects compete, but things get even more intense when Myung comes to town: the very woman that caused the divide between the two. Myung is currently the manager for the mega star virtual idol Sharon Apple. She feels torn as the two men now fighting in the skies, on their base and now over her. Myung may just want the fighting to end, but her heart may tell a different story. Not wanting to hurt either she remains on the sidelines. Once Sharon Apple becomes self aware, the truth will be revealed.

Thoughts: >

With a long history Macross was long revered as iconic in anime, but seriously dated in concept. Macross II for instance, tried to continue that thread and it didn't feel right in a modern anime era. Macross Plus takes core Macross concepts (music and mecha) with a modern approach and turns it into an outstanding package. This anime is more about "fighters" than giant robots; making it pretty approachable even for those not into mecha anime.

The plot is strait forward, but solid. For an OVA series only 4 episodes long, Macross Plus develops characters very well. Every thing about this production is top quality: the animation and designs are exceptional. Where Macross Plus shines above others of this vintage is in the soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno. This comes together in an amazing finally with fighter jet combat, backed by the pumping beat of the song Information High. The ending is abrupt, but I'd consider that a minor flaw.

Note: Macross Plus also has a "movie" version, which splices together the four episodes into movie time constraints. I really didn't like this version. For episodes perfectly balanced, any less and you have to cut key parts.

Macross Plus gets high recommendations from me. As an action anime, it's nothing revolutionary, but a title I still consider one of the best of the 1990s.

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reviewed by archen in 1999