Animation: Weak
Depth: Fair
Design: Weak
Characters: Fair
Story: Good

Type: TV   (6 episodes)

Vintage: 2010


» romance
» drama
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Looking up at the Half Moon

Summary: >

Yuichi is stuck in a hospital with little to do with his spare time. Also in the hospital is Rika, a bratty girl who doesn't get along with anyone. Yuichi is of course put off by her behavior, but feels oddly drawn to her. Can he break through her tough exterior?

Thoughts: >

If you want a hard won romance on the bittersweet level, then Looking Up at the Half Moon delivers, although in a very sloppy delivery. The basis of the story works well, but it's not put together especially well. Looking past that this anime kinda grew on me in a way I didn't expect.

Characters are what sets this anime apart, but in a very strange way. The head nurse is a mix of a tough exterior and kind heart. She's ideally suited to push and encourage Yuichi to befriend Rika. On the other side there is an asshole doctor assized to Rika who isn't professionally distant as he should be - Including a part where he kicks the shit out of Yuichi. I guess health care in Japan is pretty hard core. Then there is Rika.

Rika is a character who is very hard to like, and likely a turn off for most viewers. However she's intentionally intended to be frustrating to watch. While I felt the same, I think it's a strong point of this anime. She's not a tsundere trope, she's sincerely difficult to deal with. Yuichi's struggle to break through her shell is a hard battle, and the anime never diminishes this by simply flipping a switch at a given point. It takes time, and each step is rather frustrating to watch. At the same time it makes Looking Up at the Half Moon feel sincere about the story it's trying to tell, and I really liked that.

Is it a great anime? No. Maybe not even a very good one, but I feel it accomplished what it tried to do well enough. Better yet it has an odd quality in the cast of characters that make it feel different from the average anime. If you can forgive the messy way it gets things done, and want a bittersweet kind of romance anime, Looking Up at the Half Moon might be something to consider.

Quote: >

Nurse: Making an ass of yourself and apologizing is all part of being a man.

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