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Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Fair
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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2014


» comedy
» yuri
» girls as animals
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Inugami and Nekoyama

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Inugami is a girl often behaving similar to a dog who loves cats. Nekoyama is a girl behaving similar to a cat who loves dogs. Match made in heaven... or an animal shelter?

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I believe reviews shouldn't take longer to read than watching the show, so I'll keep this short since each episode is only about 8 minutes. It's probably quicker just to watch an episode or two than read about this anime.

Usually 4-panel comic series have anime adaptations which fill in the blanks. Inugami & Nekoyama on the other hand is adapted in a way which really feels like a 4-panel comic. Episodes are a short continuous chain of jokes and punchlines from start to finish. There's little breathing room, and the comedy is very fast paced.

It basically covers girls in various levels of interest in each other (yes, THAT kind of interest), each taking on animal traits given in their name. Unless you know Japanese, it may not be clear what animal they are.

[+] Animal Cheat Sheet

• Inu (dog)
• Neko (cat)
• Nezu (mouse)
• Ushi (cow)
• Saru (monkey)

It's amusing, with a good comedy formula, but no real story. Inugami and Nekoyama has a fun concept (girls with animal traits), with an enrgetic and vibrant atmsphere. Since episodes are so short, give an episode or two a try.

Quote: >

Aki: If you're both going to say it's the others fault "for being too cute", I'll punch you.

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reviewed by archen in 2014