Animation: Excellent
Depth: Good
Design: Good
Characters: Good
Story: Good

Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1995


» action


They're beautiful. They're bold. They're gunsmith cats!
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Gunsmith Cats

Summary: >

Rally Vincent: owner of a gun repair shop and part time detective. She also packs more firepower than most military bases. Her side kick is a small girl named May who also happens to be an explosives expert. And on the tough streets of Chicago they'll need all the firepower they can get. Especially since they keep getting on the bad side of many very dangerous criminals.

This time Rally and May are being hounded by none other than the law itself. Mainly because wherever Rally and May go, bullet holes and shrapnel follow. But with her gun knowledge, Rally is "convinced" to help out nailing a gun smuggling operation in exchange for letting her off the hook. But as they get deeper into things, they find that there are some powerful people behind the the operation. When a Russian assassin is brought in to bring Rally down, things become much more intense. While Rally can handle herself quite well, is she really equipped to handle a professional assassin?

Thoughts: >

If there is one word I would use to describe the Gunsmith Cats anime, it would be quality. Everything about this series is top notch. However there is one thing to keep in mind about this series, and that's the fact that it is rather... realistic. The over-the-top antics that frequent anime, are pretty much absent here. Simply put Gunsmith Cats is an action based show that happens to be animated.

If you're a fan of action movies, but really wish they had some STORY behind it, then Gunsmith Cats is for you. Now as a personal quirk I feel sort of indifferent about this title. I guess some things just don't click for me, which is strange because GSC does everything right. But don't let my tastes get in the way of you watching a good anime title.

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reviewed by archen in 1997