Animation: Weak
Depth: Bad
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2022


» fantasy
» mmo
» harem
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Fruit of Evolution

Summary: >

Seiichi is a loser in the lowest tier of social order at school. He and everyone in his class are transported to a fantasy realm, however he is separated from the rest. While on the brink of starvation, Seiichi happens on a clutch of nuts called the fruit of evolution. After consuming them, his abilities continue to grow by leaps and bounds. In his travels companions join his group, and he becomes well known throughout the land. Thus far he hasn't been involved with the true reason his class was summoned, but who is on the right side of the fight?

Thoughts: >

Fruit of Evolution is another "shovel anime stuff" at the viewer show but misses the important aspects needed to be good or even worth watching. Well into the 2nd episode I still didn't know what this anime about and even having watched it all I'm not entirely sure. It's that disorganized. I expected something about this anime to grow on me but nothing did. Needless to say I don't have a high opinion of Fruit of Evolution even if it's not horrible.

Seiichi consumes 10 super rare fruit of evolution, leading to him acquiring miraculous powers whenever he does just about anything. An ongoing gag is listing all his abilities at the end of the show, which highlights the reason he never struggles at anything (making everything anti-climactic). He even gains the ability to invent magic spells, allowing him to solve problems no one else ever has.

Much of the anime revolves around Seiichi collecting girls. I figured Saria (the gorilla girl) would be a kind of major character but instead she, like all the girls he collects; just exist to be there. I didn't like nor hate them due to their lack of personality to like or hate. Fruit of Evolution does off the wall random stuff like that's automatically funny (when it's not), and occasionally flogging the same joke for far too long. Worse off than the humor are the poorly animated dull fight scenes, which this anime has too many of.

By the numbers this anime makes no sense. Seiichi (less than level 10) manages to defeat Saria at level 500, and later a dragon at level 5000, while he's only level 15. But he wins anyway? One girl goes from negative 2 million to positive 4 million luck. Throwing these numbers without context might be more of a problem (not knowing what the hell they mean) if Seiichi wouldn't have god-mode making it all irrelevant anyway.

Every episode has has Seiichi stumbling to the next part for no reason. Why?! WHY IS ANY OF THIS HAPPENING?! While I often zoned out while watching this anime I realized there was a part that maybe mattered. It seems like demons and humans want to work together, but nefarious forces want them at war ... or something?

It worries that I've seen other titles like this. They go nowhere with an overpowered invincible protagonist collecting girls. This is almost like it's own genre at this point. It's a misguided takeaway on what makes anime good. You still need good characters (with personalities), a story, and reasons for things to happen as a baseline.

Fruit of Evolution isn't super horrible. It's a waste of time and directionless sure but not diliberatly aweful, so I may be harsh giving it my lowest rating. These days I'm going harder on titles with no conclusion, and this incoherent mess could MAYBE tie together better if it finished so you could see what the point was. Just avoid this.

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Seiichi Title: Man With Gorilla Wife

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reviewed by archen in 2022