Animation: Weak
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (13 episodes)

Vintage: 2019


» fantasy
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For my Daughter I'd Defeat the Demon Lord

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Dale is an adventurer who encounters a young girl lost in a forest. Her parents are apparently dead and she has no where to go, so Dale decides to care for her.

Dale appears average, but there's more to him and his darker past. Likewise Latina isn't a normal girl, but a demon with an unknown history. This will cause cause complications for both of them, but as they've become a family, they'll fight to stay together.

Thoughts: >

Latina is the ZOMG super adorable anime girl who is perfect for head pats and Dale takes care of her. That's most of the anime and pretty much what I expected. The setup seems low effort but to the credit of this show, it's not obnoxious. My biggest gripe isn't what the anime does, but what it doesn't do. Otherwise it's okay.

If there is one obnoxious part of this anime, it's Dale doting on Latina. For one or two episodes this is tolerable, but after a while I'm like, get over it dude. Latina is cute, I get that and do not require Dale fawning over her to clue me into that fact.

The anime begins with Dale caring for Latina in her near infantile state. She develops quickly into a more lively little girl. I'm not sure if she had mental problems, or if more time passed than I thought, but it seems like she grows very fast. Episodes feature bonding between the two, Latina doing growing up stuff, and sometimes drama with her demon issues.

If it's for my daughter I'd even defeat the Demon Lord may seem all fluff, but it has some depth too. The nature of Demons and their relationship to humans are briefly touched on. Some races live far longer than others, which is exemplified by Dale's involvement with an elf woman. The two were an item but she broke it off because she thought it wouldn't work long term. Disappointingly there is only surface level mention of these topics which I'd like to see explored in detail. I'd absolutely love to watch another season where they do.

Another unexpected feature is Dale's history. For most of the anime he's a dopey kind of guy, but a visit back to his home village reveals an impressive back story. I expected this anime to be mostly vapid and concentrating on Latina's cuteness, but there's plenty of other content this anime could go into. It mostly doesn't, and I suppose that's not the expected focus, but I wish less time were spent on Dale fawning over Latina and exploring some of these other topics.

Worth watching? Considering how much real life sucks, anime is always here to provide cute anime girls for head pats. And for that purpose this anime delivers. It's... nice, but not much more than that. It's in the process of a bigger story, but I'm not sure what that is. It says demon lord right in the title, so where's the demon lord? Unless *plot twist* Latina is the demon lord? Anyway, it's a cute show to pass the time.

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reviewed by archen in 2021