Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Good
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2016


» supernatural
» slice of life
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Flying Witch

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When reaching a certain age, witches leave home to further their studies. Mokoto moves in with relatives in a small town in northern Japan, a quiet place very unlike her former big city life of Yokohoma. The slower pace may be new, but a perfect fit for her laid back personality.

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If I were to name a "problem" with Flying Witch, I'd say not enough happens. I'm sure slice-of-life fans would claim I don't get slice-of-life. Well, no I don't. I like the leisurely pace, and laid back atmosphere. It's the time spent lingering on.. nothing, which bothers me. That's only a minor nitpick though, because enough happens to make it worth watching. If you're okay with a relaxed pace, Flying Witch is exceptionally cute, with a little magic for added flare.

Mokoto is good focus point of the story. As a witch in training, she's well acquainted with magic but still learning. She's friendly, and easy going, but a bit of an airhead; making magic seem like something regular people could maybe grasp (if attuned for it). Magic itself is very subtle, lacking the flashiness expected of supernatural stuff, but fits in well with the atmosphere, and adds a dash of mystery.

The anime is well settled in the unexciting small town backdrop. Initially I thought Mokoto might become romantically involved with her distant cousin Kei, instead this anime has no romance at all - something which would have only interfered with the show anyway. Kei's younger sister has a childish excitement concerning most everything, and she's infectious the way excited kids can be (when they're not annoying), which adds some vibrance to the show.

Flying Witch episodes each have their own story with a point. To me however, the point seemed like the kind of thing to justify half an episode in length, not a full one. Not to say it doesn't have good episodes though. When Flying Witch uses its imagination, it's a wonderful journey you like to experience. It's not an all out comedy, but when the anime shows its side of humor, it's spot on and funny.

The look of Flying Witch is one of its best features, and screenshots don't do it justice. It's a constantly lovely look; very watercolor like. The character designs appeared simplistic to me at first, but fit in well and are attractive enough. Combining all this creates an anime which is visually beautiful, and lingers plenty on scenery for you to appreciate it.

Flying Witch is a good show if looking to relax, but may not be suited to many anime fans. I enjoyed it even if I wanted a little more happenings in the episodes, and even if it tripped into a pet peeve of mine (extended cooking scenes - Ugh, I hate those!). Good stuff, give it a shot.

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reviewed by archen in 2016