Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 1997


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Summary: >

In an post apocalyptic future there are some odd people who make a living as mercenaries. Bolt Crank is a strange one, even for a mercenary. Bolt has an unusual apatite for metal that often gets him into strange situations. This also gives him the ability to manifest weapons from his hand. But Bolt will probably need all the help he can get on his strange adventures.

Bolt takes odd jobs in the dead time between being a mercenary. This leads him to being a janitor for a bar. Enter the mercenary girl and do we have liftoff? Actually no... But Bolt isn't about the women, or the fame - he's there to do a job. A lot of jobs in fact, which will take him from place to place with a new story to tell each time.

Thoughts: >

You know when you've gone down the anime road long enough, you're willing to give even the weirdest series a chance. For me this was the case with Eatman - not to be confused with Eatman 88 which I've never watched but have heard is about the same thing. But with my review of Eatman, I can assure you that I will not be watching the second series.

Well first of all we have the "hero": Bolt Crank. He shows up and shovels his mouth full of metal. Then he "generates" a weapon from what he ate. Don't worry, the weapon doesn't come out of the orifice you'd think it would - that would be rather interesting though. He is flat, unemotional, and pretty much detached from the overall story until the end. And at the end he steps in and does some super task, and that's it. It's puzzling what to make of that. Bolt Crank isn't overly likable, cool, or even interesting - he's just sort of there. Each story has a different plot and characters, with only Bolt Crank consistent between them. That means there is no character development, aside from Bolt Crank who has no character to develop.

Some other stuff was rather bothersome as well. It's a cyberpunk sort of story, yet we don't really learn much about why the world is what it is. To me the stories moved too slow, and it seems like very little is actually accomplished in the end. So with such a drab story, drab characters, and pretty drab animation - I give this a "do not watch rating." Even so I have a hard time giving this title a rating that it all out sucks. I manly reserve that honor for titles I all out hate. Instead this isn't a good title in any way, but it's not terrible either. It gets close though, so I'll try to warn you away from it.

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reviewed by archen in 1999