Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Bad

Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 2000


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De Vadasy

Summary: >

Aliens invaded the Earth with mankind powerless to stop them. The aliens spread "nano machines" resulting in people dissolving into reddish blobs, as humanity struggles for survival. An organization called Spirits may have a solution for fighting back: a giant mecha called De Vadasy. It requires a special kind of pilot in order to function, and thus far there's been no luck finding such a person. Then new recruits Kei and Naoki signed up. The childhood friends may just have the compatibility needed to make De Vadasy work.

Thoughts: >

Some say De-Vadasy is a rip-of of Evangelion but there's many titles this borrowed ideas from. Assembled from parts in other titles, you'd think they could assemble something good but apparently not.

De-Vadasy jumps around, giving slivers of a bigger story (I'm guessing actually exists). The viewer is left to piece together the plot, without enough information to do so. It's never clear what's going on. Characters are underdeveloped (assuming they have enough depth to ever develop). Kei is a typical loafer. Naoki is the typical childhood friend. Amala is the exotic mysterious girl who is... um.. mysterious. There isn't much to the story or characters. Fine, but what about the action?

I found the action the worst part of De-Vadasy, but let me back up. Despite all this anime has against it, there is a part I found intriguing. De-Vadasy requires something like "sexual tension" to operate. Okay, it's juvenile and dumb, but it's weird and I like weird. This is the most plausible reason for using teens as giant mecha pilots I've heard. If you need maximum sexual energy, then obviously HORNY TEENAGERS are the best source. It's a big surprise De-Vadasy pulls it off with enough tact, that it's not completely insulting.

Teenage hormones aside, the action is very boring. Yes BORING. Nothing interesting happens. De-Vadasy fights, often putting Kei in excruciating pain. There isn't a reason for that aside from attempting to force viewer empathy. It's a tough sell since the show cuts too many corners to connect with the audience.

There's no reason to recommend De-Vadasy. I considered rating weak due to merits of weird points. But in just three episodes, De Vadasy does a terrible job with what it has. The story is left hanging, so there's no possibility of "getting better". Not the worst anime ever, but pretty bad.

Quote: >

Guy: He's doing a good job. It appears that all of the girls' hormone levels are affected

Woman: Masturbation has gone up too.

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reviewed by archen in 2013