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Depth: Fair
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2009


» comedy
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Charger Girl Juden-chan

Also known as: Fight Ippatsu! Juden-chan!

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In a parallel universe, energy is derived from positive human feelings, so charger girls are sent to boost depressed people (electrically). Normally they can't be seen or touched, but for some reason a guy named Sento can do both. As a charger girl named Plug discovers when she annoys him and he kicks her ass. Plug can never seem to meet her quota of people to charge, but she learns a lot from Sento (when he's not kicking her ass). Top charger girl Arista is sent to watch over Plug, and it seems like they both have things to learn.

Thoughts: >

So I'm thinking to myself that out of all the anime titles I could have chosen to watch, I somehow manged to pick trash like Charger Girl Juden-chan. I was already appalled by the end of the first episode. And yet I'm going embarrass myself writing this review, as Charger Girl Juden-chan isn't bad... if you're messed up in the head like I (apparently) am.

Charger Girl Juden-chan is completely tasteless, and wallows in pretty much everything I'd consider wrong with fan service anime. Which is why this show drove me nuts at first. Have you ever watched a show so stupid you wanted to beat characters senseless with a baseball bat? That actually happens in this anime. I'm not a sadistic or malicious person, so schadenfreude isn't suited to me. But the characters annoyed me to the point where I kinda got that way. Even so, this is pretty hard core. Sento actually beats the shit out of the charger girls with a baseball bat. I'm like "that ain't right!". Beating a girl with a bat until she pisses herself.. even more not right! And one of them enjoys it [.....] Similar to how some shows are so bad they're good, Charger Girl Juden-chan is so wrong it kinda works. Kinda.

Skin tight outfits, girls getting off on seemingly random things.. even the commercial eye catch will suddenly show a naked girl in a way almost subliminal: by the third episode my brain had shut down. This anime would shovel in as much inappropriate content as possible, and I'd cheer it on waiting to see how far it would go. Often this is where I'd end up laughing, because its just so wrong. Even the magical girl parody / tentacle hentai crossover stuff didn't phase me after a while.

More disturbing still, the moral of the show kind of resonated with me. The corporate policy for charger girls is to give depressed people energy. Which is easy, and monthly quotas pressure them to do only that. Plug starts to wonder if that's really what they should be doing. They charge people, but it doesn't fix what caused the problem and people often become "repeaters". For a show so dumb and perverse, it's even more mind boggling it has a heart. This ties into the overall plot (yes it has one). After the first 4 episodes, the show settles into sporadic bursts of wrongness instead of constant bombardment. It turns out the overall story isn't terrible. Everything comes together at the end in a way that's consistent with the story, and ideals of the show. And it's totally wrong. I can't think of anything more inappropriate than a Christmas episode involving budding magical girl yuri under a golden shower. The very end after the credits is surprisingly cute if you make it through the whole show.

Unlike most extreme comedy titles which have finesse in their crass humor, Charger Girl Juden-chan is shamelessly crude, and revels in being tasteless. Somehow it maintains a light enough atmosphere to not be completely disgusting in a way that's actually disgusting. Most likely you will not enjoy it and it will disturb you. Or possibly you'll be even more disturbed if you DO like it. So for many many reasons I wouldn't recommend this one. Even if I should have stopped, I watched the whole thing quite willingly. Yes it's screwed up, that's why I kept watching it... and to some extent I liked that. There's a very select audience who can tolerate appreciate this anime. I have no idea if that's you, but if you think it is.. maybe give it a shot. Stick with it for 2-3 episodes before deciding to drop it.

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Sento: If I win, you don't report Plug

Plug: You'd do that for me?

Sento: No, I just want to humiliate this bitch.

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reviewed by archen in 2013