Animation: Weak
Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: OAV   (1 episode)

Vintage: 1994


» magical girl
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Butt Attack Punisher Girl

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Mari is a devote Catholic school girl but unlike most Catholic school girls, actually behaves herself. While praying to the virgin Mary one night, she gets her lines crossed and gets Buddha instead. Buddha has the solution to her problems - saving her friend, but in order for Mari to become this hero, she must become Butt Attack Punisher Girl.

Now for a goody-goody girl like Mari, having Buddha as a guidance counselor is sort of hard to grasp. But what sort of girl runs around in a superhero costume showing off her butt? Not only that what kind of super power is attacking people with your ass anyway? Maybe that's what the villains were thinking when they got their butts kicked by Gotaman. Beware evil doers, the forces of justice will not be left ... behind.

Thoughts: >

Some shows get famous just by their titles. Take Debbie Does Dallas; just the title alone evokes all sorts of possibilities in what could happen. And as such there are some titles that you have a hard time NOT watching just because of the title. And this is where Butt Attack Punisher Girl comes in. Well what were the good points? I donno, I guess the fact that this could be one of the most ridiculous anime titles ever comes to mind. I mean this show revolves entirely around this girl's butt! Heck she even snaps off a sword between her cheeks. Taken in that context, this show is sort of funny. As far as everything else - well that's lacking.

It's hard to say what the creators were thinking when they produced this anime, but it seems like they were intent on the theme more than the plot. As such it's just the same sort of magical girl plot almost verbatim but with modified pieces to fit the overall goal. Animation wise it's not only dated, but rather low budget. I wouldn't say it's all out bad, but.. yeah okay, it's sorta bad.

I'm not going to tell you not to watch this title. Why? For the same reason I watched it. You watch it because of the title. And it is seriously so corny that it's honestly funny at times. If there were such a thing as B movie anime that was so bad it's good, then Butt Attack Punisher Girl would probably qualify. Worth watching as a silly way to kill time, but do NOT expect to get much out of this title.

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reviewed by archen in 2003