Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Good
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2019


» romance
» comedy
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Ao-chan Can't Study

Summary: >

Ao is a studious and uptight girl in high school, which is a stark contrast with her easy going father who writes erotic novels. Although very embarrassed about the contents of her father's works, she's quite familiar with what's in them; in a detached way since she's never been in love or interested in such things.

Then Takumi confesses he's in love with her. Ao turns him down at first, but slowly begins to show interest. Are men total beasts like depicted in her father's novels? Can she balance romance and academics? Does she even have the right kind of underwear for this kind of thing?

Thoughts: >

I hesitated giving a show that's 15 minutes per episode a high rating, but Ao-chan Can't study is the kind of low-fat anime I complain about not getting more of. Better to get a good 15 minutes and stop, instead of stretching to another 15 minutes of filler. It's simplistic, but simple is good sometimes.

At first Ao is paranoid about a boy showing interest in her, being well versed in what kind of stuff men do to women in her father's books. So she plans to distance herself from him and fails. Next she hatches a plot to tempt him, so when he finally does make a move, she can call him a horrendous beast (as men tend to be), and break it off for good. Yet Takumi is always kind and respectful of her feelings.

During all this, her hormones kick in, and Ao thinks perhaps she's interested in him after all. Although initally terrified of erotic novel plots happening to her, she bececomes frustrated when she want's it to happen but can't make it work. And it's that slow transformation of Ao, and her interactions with the clueless Takumi which makes the show. Ao is an adorable heroine making the anime more cute instead of sleazy like I expected. Simple, focused, fun and worth watching.

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reviewed by archen in 2020