Animation: Fair
Depth: Good
Design: Fair
Characters: Good
Story: Good

Type: TV   (13 episodes)

Vintage: 2016


» fantasy
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Alderamin on the Sky

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As tensions rise between two nations, Ikta seems like the most unlikely guy to join the military, something which involves the things he wants to avoid the most: work and effort. Even so, Ikta has shown a most unusual knack for military command and slowly rises through the academy. So begins the tale of the legendary "lazy general".

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Alderamin on the Sky is another anime featuring a boy genius master strategist. If you're familiar with this kind of show, it's nothing unexpected, however I still like them even if the details of strategy aren't anything brilliant. This anime other things going for it too, like a good story and characters, making it well worth picking up even though it appears to only be half way into the bigger story.

Small spirits exist in the world, embodying the elements (light,fire,water,wind) and can partner with a human. This adds a strange magic touch to the environment which is otherwise similar to the World War I era. Oddly enough, the spirits don't add much to the show aside from minor plot points. The world exists at a crossroads where technology is gaining dominance, but old world weapons still have prevalence. Slightly stranger still is how technology relies on spirits, for instance rifles utilize air powered spirits instead of gunpowder.

Alderamin on the Sky has very strong characters, although most in the cast play a secondary role. Ikta is the rising star, and central to the story. This anime does fairly well with its antagonists, which in many cases are on the same side as the protagonists. What I liked most in this show was the relationship between Ikta and Yatori.

At first Ikta and Yatori seem like typical childhood friends, but never seem to become romantically involved (something I appreciated). Their bond runs deeper than friendship or perhaps even romance. They didn't just grow up together as friends, they grew to be partners; to the extent where they are like extensions of each other. This knowledge allows them to have faith understanding the other, even when apart which becomes a really awesome story point.

In 12 episodes, Alderamin on the Sky is more like a prelude to the true story. Enough is accomplished in its story chronicling the rise of Ikta making it worth checking out right now. I'm also preemptively rating this higher, as I loved the princesses offer to Ikta at the end, something I think could turn this show into something fairly awesome.

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Ikta: If there really was an omnipotent god, his first commandment would be "thou shalt be lazy". Any god who tells you otherwise is false.

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reviewed by archen in 2016