Quick Reference to Tenchi

Okay, I'm just going to cut the fluff here. This page is meant for reference purposes. Why you ask? Well this is for those people that ask a specific question about this or that. I'm hoping to get most of the major stuff that people might have a question on. This is not comprehensive, just a brief summary on each thing.

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Tenchi Series

Here is a very quick run down of all the Tenchi series currently released in the U.S. I've also heard of other Tenchi things being released in Japan, but I don't know much about them, nor do I even know what their called. If you have more info on the new OAV series, feel free to mail me.

Special note: OAV indicates video only release.

Tenchi Muyo OAV   /   Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki
This is is the original Tenchi Muyo series. The first OAV series was divided into six episodes. There was then an intermediate special, a second six part series, and finally ending with the Mihoshi Special. The original release of the Tenchi Muyo series is no longer available individually. Instead Pioneer offers this series as the Tenchi Muyo Collection with two OAV episodes per tape.

Tenchi Muyo TV   /   Tenchi Muyo Universe
After the Tenchi OAV, Tenchi Muyo was made into a TV series in Japan. The happenings in the TV series do not follow that of the OAV, and are considered to be an entirely different universe of Tenchi.

Shin Tenchi   /   Tenchi in Tokyo
The first TV series drew to a close, but Tenchi came back to Japanese TV in a series known as Shin Tenchi Muyo (shin = new). This series seems to mostly follow the lines of the TV series, but it adds certain elements which are not a part of either the TV or OAV. Pioneer released Shin Tenchi Muyo under the title Tenchi in Tokyo

Pretty Sammy
Pretty Sammy is an entirely different Tenchi universe which focuses mainly on the character Sasami. Pretty Sammy is magical girl anime, in which all the characters take on different roles. Pretty Sammy herself has made appearances in the Tenchi OAV, and TV series.

Magical Project S
Magical Project S is a different Tenchi universe again featuring Pretty Sammy. Magical Project S is also a series that was made for television. The story, starts anew with this series, and is entirely independent of any other Tenchi series.

Mihoshi Special
This is a Tenchi special which follows the lines of the OAV (sort of). This special deals with a story of Mihoshi's and features Kiyone's one time OAV appearance (as well as Pretty Sammy).

Tenchi Muyo in Love
This is a Tenchi Muyo movie. The story line follows the Tenchi TV series. It mainly focuses on Tenchi's mother Achika.

Manatsu no Eve
Manatsu no Eve (Midsummers Eve) is released under the title Daughter of Darkness. Manatsu no Eve is the second Tenchi movie, and mainly deals a new character named Mayuka who claims to be Tenchi's daughter.


Yagami - ship of Miyoshi and Kiyone.
Yagami seems to have the distinction of being red, as opposed to the rest of the Galaxy Police generic design. I guess it's because its used by main characters =P. Mihoshi's ship also has a main computer in the OAV known as Yukinojyo.

Funaho - Ship of Yoshou
In the OAV the ship of Yoshou was named Funaho (seemingly named after Yoshou's mother). After the chaise with Ryoko, Funaho was destroyed, and only the space tree survived. The tree retained the ships memory, but took root on earth.

Ryu-oh - Aeka's ship
Ryu-oh is a Juraian ship (I'm not sure on the spelling). In the OAV, Ryu-oh is capable (like all Juraian ships) of generating Light Hawk Wings. Once Ryu-oh crashes on Earth, the space tree seeds itself, and begins to grow anew as a seedling tree.

Tsunami - ship of Sasami
In the Tenchi Muyo OAV, Tsunami is the most powerful of Jurai's ships, capable of generating the 10 Wings of the Light Hawk. The space tree of Tsunami also has a human form (but for spoiler reasons I won't get into that). The space tree Tsunami is said to be the first generation of Jurai's space tree. I've heard that with every generation, Jurai's space trees get weaker, but that's unconfirmed.

Souja - Ship of Kagato
The Souja in the Tenchi OAV is a very powerful ship. It consists of two sides, one side exists in this universe, the other half consists of an alternate dimension used to imprison Washu. The Souja has the ability like Ryoko to harness the power of the three gems. In the TV series, Kagato (even though being a different character) used this same ship, although it was un-named. The design of the Souja appears here and there throughout the Tenchi series. It even makes a brief appearance in the intro to Shin Tenchi Muyo.

Ryo-oki - ship of Ryoko
Ryo-oki in the OAV is sited as being a heinous battleship credited with a long list of destruction. When Ryo-oki crashes, it reproduces itself (both in the OAV, and TV) in the form of a cute little creature also called Ryo-oki. In the OAV, its inferred that the ship form will be Ryo-oki's final state, but in the TV series it seems as though Ryo-oki will always be able to switch in between states.

Ken-oki - Ship of Nagi
Ken-oki, like Ryo-oki can also be found in the form of a small creature capable of changing into a ship. Ken-oki seems to be more maneuverable and more powerful than Ryo-oki.

Significant objects

Not to be confused with the character Tenchi, Tenchi is a royal sword of Jurai. In the OAV, Tenchi is also known as the Master Key. Typically Jurians have specific keys with which they can control a space tree. Tenchi is special because it can control any space tree. In the TV series, Tenchi is simply a hilt which can transform the power of Jurai into a blade.

Three Gems (OAV only)
In the OAV, Ryoko draws her power from 3 gems. The origin of the gems is unknown, but they are capable of great power, and can not be synthesized. When Yoshou defeated Ryoko, the three gems were embedded in the hilt of the Master Key. Ryoko needs one gem to call spirits, and two gems to control them.

Other Characters

Even though I didn't think it was a very good idea, I decided to make a short section on the other characters of Tenchi Muyo. These are by no means in depth profiles, so I didn't even so much as include pictures of characters. Right now I'd just like to get this page done, and not spend another week working on more character pages, so I kept this really short. I have nothing on Miyuka yet since I haven't seen Midsummers eve yet, and I'd rather not talk about a character I know very little about.

Nobiyuki Misaki
Nobiyuki is the father of Tenchi. He has black hair and brown eyes. In his younger years he was very shy. Later in life he seems to have become a pervert. He also has a knack for getting into accidents, and collects girls comic books.

Azaka & Kamadake
These two are two guardians of princess Aeka. In the OAV the seem to have the ability to consume people and imprison them. In the TV series, they are servants programmed with the personalities of the legendary warriors they were named after.

Nagi - tv
Nagi is a the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and the arch-rival of Ryoko. Nagi has a ship just like Ryo-oki known as Ken-oki. Nagi is very serious, and is bent on defeating Ryoko and getting a reward for her capture.

Asuza - oav
Asuza is the father of Aeka and the current emperor of Jurai. He is serious and not very approving of Yoshou who disobeyed his wishes. He has purplish hair and red eyes.

Misaki - oav
Misaki is the first wife of Asuza, and the mother of Aeka and Sasami. She has blue hair, and red eyes. Misaki adores anything cute, and has unusual mood swings.

Funaho - oav
Funaho is the mother of Yoshou. She is very serene, calm, and collected person. She was born on Earth and is 100% human. She is the second wife of the emperor of Jurai Asuza. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Tokimi - oav
Tokimi is a mysterious ten dimensional being who seems to have an interest with meeting Washu. More theories on my opinions page. She has red eyes, orange hair (in places) and... well I can't really describe the rest of her.

Zero - oav
Zero is a robot created by Dr. Clay. Zero has the ability to shape shift into any form, as well as assume personalities. Zero is occasionally prone to certain glitches in her system.

Dr. Clay - oav
Dr. Clay was once a member of the Science Space Academy. He believes he was kicked out as a direct result of Washu, and has had a grudge against her ever since. Dr. Clay believes his inventions are perfect, and is currently in service to Tokimi. He has the habit of marking this favorite things with a special mark. He has gray hair in the shape that gave him the nickname "octopus-head", and wears a patch over one eye.

Kagato in the OAV was an evil genius scientist who controlled Ryoko, and was supposedly responsible for making her do evil deeds. Kagato seems to have learned from Washu, and imprisoned her on the second side of his ship the Souja. In the TV series, Kagato was a royal decedent of Jurai, whom Yoshou defeated in his youth.