Record of Lodoss War Synopsis

This page is more or less the entire story (for the OAV anyway). If you have not seen all the episodes and you don't want to know what happens, don't read to far. (Well duh!) If you've already seen the series, you probably won't learn anything new here. Mainly this page is for those who haven't seen an episode, and want to see what happens.

Prologue to the Legend

On a stormy day as water falls from the sky, six journey to the dwelling of the great sage Wart. They decide (because time is critical) to travel thought the legendary Great Tunnel of the kingdom of stone. Yet magic is afoot. Far away in the study of Wart, the Grey Witch appears. She knows of what the six seek, and decides to toy with them.
      She uses her power to awaken the dragon which sleeps deep within the great tunnel. The six manage to escape the wrath of the dragon unscathed. Yet their true journey is just beginning...


Blazing Departure

High in a temple of Marfa, a dwarf man takes leave. His name his Ghim. His quest is to find the daughter of the priestess Neese. The first place he ventures to is his old friend Slayn. Slayn is a sorcerer and reluctant to leave his studies, but eventually he sets out with Ghim. Meanwhile a boy named Parn meets his old friend Etoh who has become a priest of Falis. Etoh and Parn set out to stop goblins from making any more attacks on the local village (which they've been doing a lot as of late). On their way an elf girl warns them that the Goblins are in fact attacking the village at that very moment. Parn and Etoh rush back to the village. With the assistance of Slayn and Ghim (who happened to be passing through), the goblins are defeated.
      Parn sets his house aflame, and sets out on a journey with only his fathers armor, to become a knight. Etoh decides to accompany him. Slayn and Ghim decide to do likewise. Thus the four (with an elf girl trailing) set off for a journey whose long path will take them to a fate unimaginable.

The Black Knight

To the south of Lodoss lies the evil island of Marmo, ruled by Emperor Beld. Beld meets with his senior advisors: Wangnard the dark wizard, and Ashrum the black knight. As Beld makes it known that the time for attack has come, Karla appears. She offers to assist Beld in his quest
      Meanwhile Parn spars with Ghim... and loses. As he later walks around in thought, he again encounters the elf maiden whose name is Deedlit. They're meeting is cut short by Marmo forces running away from Alanian knights. Then a dark elf appears. Deedlit attempts to handle the elf while Parn deals with the rest. Suddenly the Marmo retreat, and Parn's & his companions are mistakenly thrown into prison.. In the dungeon they meet a cynical fellow named Woodchuck, who is a thief by trade. Soon the misunderstanding is cleared up and everyone (except Woodchuck) is released.
      Ashrum is under the suspicion that Parn's party may have given away information about the Marmo spying. In order to keep knowledge of the Marmo advance quiet, he decides to lay siege to fortress Myce where Pars party are at. The fortress falls quickly (with a bit of help from Karla). Yet Parn and his friends (now with the addition of Woodchuck) escape. Yet as Parn looks to the burning fortress, he sees Ashrum

Atop the crumbling fortress, stood a man with a gaze like ice.
In the heart of the boy who stared back in hatred, the spark of battle was ignited

The Grey Witch

After escaping the Marmo siege, Parn's party head to the capital of Alan, only to be refused entrance. Parn then decides to go to Vallis... through the Forest of No Return. The forest is of course named such because no one comes back! Yet with Deedlit's guidance they make it though, barely. Ghim's emotions had put them in danger, thus he feels obligated to tell them about his quest and his search for the woman named Laylia.
      Back at Marmo Beld awaits the time to move his main force. Karla offers to intercept a messenger from Vallis headed to Alania (who happens to be Princess Fianna). As Parn's company emerge from the forest, they witness the princesses carriage under siege by a sorcerer. Parn mounts a horse from a fallen guard, and gives chase with Slayn riding along. As the find the carriage, the meet the Grey Witch Karla.
      As she is a being of immense power, they have no hope of defeating her. Yet Karla decides to reward Parn for his bravery, and hands the princess over before disappearing. Yet Ghim recognizes Karla... she is in fact Laylia.. or was anyway. Meanwhile, Alania quickly falls to the Marmo. On a tower of the fallen Alania, Kardis (goddess of destruction) calls to Wagnard. This sets the stage for an even greater threat to Lodoss.

The Desert King

After saving princess Fianna, Parn and his companions are hailed as heros. Yet mischief is still afoot, and mischief happens to be the trade of the Grey Witch. Yet at Vallis, a party is held. Parn & Deedlit dress for the occasion. Still Deedlit cannot capture Parn's attention, especially after the arrival of the mercenary king, Kashue.
      Meanwhile the Marmo continue to advance, and with in the dungeon of Vallis, Karla bewitches a murderer, and sets him free. As Parn and Deedlit dance, the convict shows up to break up the party. After the criminal is dealt with, the party breaks up, and Parn spars with Kashue. Karla again appears. After more harassment by Karla, it becomes apparent that the witch must be dealt with. Thus Parn is sent to find Wart, in order to learn more about her. Far away, the Marmo continue their advance. Ashrum meets up with Beld and the main Marmo force.

The Sword of the Dark Emperor

The Marmo take another fortress... In their wake nothing is left but ashes and bodies. Parn's band, after returning from Warts abode, see the destruction left behind. Etoh, Slain, and Ghim stay behind to help the wounded, while Parn, Deedlit, and Woodchuck, continue on towards Vallis.
      Meanwhile, under the cloak of night, the Marmo forces celebrate. One drunken soldier sets his sights on an elf woman. She is sleek, slender; radiating beauty and elegance, but she is still a dark elf, and doesn't dabble with humans. Her name Pirotess. After a skirmish between man and elf, Ashrum breaks up the fight, and Pirotess sees the only man worthy of her loyalty. The next day, Parn returns to Vallis. He receives the shield of a holy knight of Vallis. He also learns about the true fate of his father, who in fact did not die in disgrace, but sacrificed himself for the king's daughter. Parn becomes a bit more reflective. That evening he sits thinking, and talking to Deedlit. The two of them start to draw a bit closer. At the same time Ashrum and Pirotess are introduced. The Marmo forces split up again, and one party ambushes Kashue's force. As the Marmo advance, the forces of Vallis like wise set out to meet them.

The War of Heros

Parn and company follow King Fahn's army as they journey to meet the Marmo forces. A messenger arrives to tell of king Kashue's grave situation. And grave it is, as his men continue to fall to the Marmo horde. Finally Fahn and Kashue join forces, only to realize they are where the Marmo want them: surrounded. As men fall left and right, Karla from afar, watches over her handiwork. When the battle thins, Parn and Ashrum cross swords. Luckily for Parn, Ashrum is forced to depart.
      The battle grows still, as Fahn and Beld face each other alone. In the final battle, two of the six heros prepare to send each other to their deaths. As the Holy and Demon sword clash, Parn is given a premonition by Wart. He must stop Karla or a greater tragedy may ensue. Moments later the final blows are struck. The king of Vallis had fallen. As Beld staggers away as the victor, he is struck down by Karla. Lodoss will be neither unified or conquered. From his fallen king, the demon sword beacons to Ashrum. As the forces are separated, Karla continues to mess with things by awakening the dragons of Lodoss.

A war without meaning, A war which saved no one. But now, still another battle must be fought. As he stood amongst the sea of bodies, the young man vowed to challenge the witch Karla.

Requiem for Warriors

The death of 2 kings in the ‘War of Heros' leaves Lodoss in a state of uncertainty. Yet a few have a definate purpose: to stop Karla. From one front, Ghim and Slayn wait for the right time to confront Karla. From another direction, Parn and company race to Karla's residence. As they journey, they are mistakenly attacked my a pair of mercenaries. When the skirmish is over they part ways, although they will meet again.
      Finally Ghim decides to confront Karla, alone. Karla, being a bodatous babe, and having a bitchin' pad, isn't fond of visitors. Eventually everyone arrives to fight against Karla. Karla offers Parn the opportunity to guide Lodoss with her. Parn refuses. Karla is not pleased with her pawns which refuse to be moved. Karla, with the look of a disgruntled postal worker, invokes the most threatening glow yet. With an immense flood of power, Karla attacks. Although Slayn is barely able to hold Karla at bay, Ghim ventures into the storm to make her remember her true self. Ghim drops a gift to Laylia, which distracts her long enough to free her from the circlet. Ghim sees Laylia freed just before he dies. Karla (now a circlet without a body), possesses Woodchuck. He really doesn't have the cleavage for the job, nor are his legs as nice, but sometimes even the Grey Witch can't be picky.

The Scepter of Darkness

Back in Marmo, chaos has taken hold with the death of it's king, Beld. Ashrum tries to master the demon sword, while Pirotess sees a chance to aid Ashrum in his quest to control Lodoss. All she needs is a high elf... Either way, Wagnard makes it known that the scepter of domination must be obtained from Fire Mountain. Fire Mountain however, is far from docile. Due to the mischief of Karla, the demon dragon Shooting Star has awakened. Unfortunately Shooting Star's hobby seems to involve toasting people. So King Kashue departs Vallis to deal with the dragon. At the same time Ashrum leaves Marmo to confront Shooting Star and take the Scepter of Domination.
      Parn and company, being left behind attend to daily business, until Deedlit is nearly kidnaped. From this they learn that the Marmo are headed towards fire mountain. So they all head off to Fire Mountain to warn Kashue.

The Demon Dragon of Fire Mountain

On the ground sentries await Kashue's orders, when Shooting Star suddenly appears, and rains fire from the sky upon them, killing many men. Only a lucky shot drives the dragon off. Later the dragon again attacks the encampment, but this time the Marmo and Parn's party are already in the dragon's lair fighting for the Scepter of Domination. It knows when pesky humans are up to no good. It also knows Ashrum holds the scepter. Ashrum takes on the dragon head on with the scepter, and probably would have one if not for the betrayal by one of Wagnard's minions. Ashrum it seems had dropped the scepter to save Pirotess from falling off of a cliff. As Wagnard's minion makes off with the scepter, Orson pierces the dragons flesh with an enchanted lance. Soon two more lances are stuck into the dragon. Shooting Star makes one final strike. As it dies it rains a storm of fire upon Ashrum. Ashrum would have perished were it not for Pirotess, who used all of her strength to shield him. Ashrum clutches Pirotess tightly to him as she dies. The two of them are then lost in an avalanche, as the dragons lair collapses.

First encountered amidst flame, Ashrum disappears amidst flame.
Their meetings were marked more by the crossing of swords than by the exchange of words.
Yet Ashrum's silent death had engraved itself upon Parn's heart.

The Wizard's Ambition

Times seemed to be better with everyone's safe return, one less cranky dragon, and Ashrum gone. At Kashue's palace it becomes apparent that Shiris tags along with Parn not just for fun, but because she has feelings for him. Yet Parn has obviously come to care for Deedlit. Elsewhere on Lodoss, things begin to stir. In the rubble of Shooting Star's Lair, Ashrum finds himself alive (likely by Karla's doing). Ashrum leaves behind his memories of Pirotess with obvious intent to make Wagnard pay dearly. As Ashrum makes his way to Marmo, Parn, Deedlit, Orson, and Shris all journey to distant kingdoms to deliver messages for King Kashue.
      Then Wagnard finds them. All he needs to resurrect Kardis is a high elf, which by coincidence Deedlit happens to be. Wagnard, now too powerful to stop since he holds the Scepter of Domination., takes Deedlit away. Parn barely escapes with his life, but is obviously angry, and swears to get Deedlit back. So he and his allies make their way to Marmo, but not before Parn is entrusted with the Holy Sword.

Final Battle: Marmo - the Dark Island

Wagnard prepares for Kardis's resurrection. With Deedlit (now in a slightly sexier, dressier outfit), Wagnard ascends deep into Marmo on a floating island. Meanwhile Lodoss encloses on Marmo. Parn and company, ahead of the rest, infiltrate the castle of Marmo first. A short distance away, atop a summit of stone, Ashrum strikes down creatures of Marmo with the Demon Sword: Soul Crusher which he has finally mastered. On the sea, King Kasue approaches. Even by air, forces of Lodoss prepare for an assault on Marmo.
     Yet soon after Parn and his force enter the castle, the ancient dragon of Marmo, Narse, appears to keep outsiders at bay. Fortunately the golden dragon Mycen arrives & the two dragons disappear into the sky to do battle. Meanwhile, deep within Marmo, Wagnard continues with the resurrection ceremony... until Ashrum interrupts. Ashrum obviously is intent on stopping Wagnard, perhaps simply for revenge save nothing else.

Lodoss - The Burning Continent

Parn draws closer to saving Deedlit, although separated from the rest of his Party. He arrives on the scene to find Ashrum and Wagnard fighting. As the fight below Marmo continues, so it also continues in the sky with the ancient dragons, as well as on the surface with Kashue's force fighting un-dead Marmo warriors
     But far below is where the true fight is. Parn gives himself away, and is thus attacked by Wagnard. As Wagnard is distracted with beating the crap out of Parn, Ashrum strikes him down. Parn struggles to his feet and makes his way towards Deedlit, who's life hangs by a thread... only to be blocked by Ashrum. Parn doesn't want to fight, and appeals to the dark knight that Marmo will be destroyed if Kardis is resurrected. Ashrum is obviously beyond caring about anything

Light or Darkness...
Between you and I, all will be decided

Ashrum yet again nearly defeats Parn, yet Wagnard returns. Ashrum thrusts the demon sword into to the wizards chest, yet Wagnard clenches his hands around Ashrum's throat. Ashrum, probably the only one capable of doing so, defeats Wagnard, yet at the cost of his own life.
     Parn takes up the masterless Demon Sword. With the swords of light and dark in hand, he saves Deedlit. Above ground the un-dead crumble, and in the sky the dragon of Marmo is defeated. Narse plummets aflame from the sky into the sea before perishing. After all is done, Parn is hailed as a hero. Yet he forsakes the armor of a Holy Knight, to seek his own path. A lonely path for those who travel alone... fortunately he has a high elf to accompany him.