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One of the things which stuck out most to me about Record of Lodoss War, are the terrific characters. At first glance it seems rather simple to see who is good and who is evil, yet as the story carries on, it becomes apparent that things are not as simple as they first seemed. It makes you wonder exactly "what is evil anyway?". Well, I made this page as inclusive as possible. As many Lodoss pages I looked around, it seemed that people seem to neglect certain characters. This isn't meant to be very long. Descriptions are just long enough for you to get the general idea.

Forces of light

Parn - the aspiring knight
Raised in a village all his life, he sets out on a quest to become a knight like his father, who was once a knight of Falis. At first Parn is so tied up in this that he doesn't notice Deedlit's interest in him. At the climax his true foe is shown to be Ashrum. Parn never actually defeats Ashrum, even though he tries many times. He is hot headed, and some what a novice at sword play.

Deedlit - the high elf
Deelit meets up with Parn while venturing through the forest. She decides to accompany Parn for lack of anything else to do, and because she is infatuated with him (although he never notices her ). Deedlit (like most any elf ) is rather haughty, although she has a caring heart. She is also skilled in combat and the summoning of the spirits of nature.

Etoh - the cleric
Etoh is an aspiring to become a priest of Falis. He and Parn are good friends, thus he decides to accompany Parn on his journey. As a priest, Etoh has the power to heal, and to fend away evil spirits. His fighting ability is rather limited, and he has a reserved personality, but he will fight when worse comes to worse.

Ghim - the dwarf
Ghim is on a quest to find Lalia, who is the daughter of the high priestess Neese At first he joins up with his old friend Slayn find her. Eventually they combine forces with Parn's party. Soon Ghim comes to find that Lalia has been possessed by Karla, and now wears the form of the Grey witch. Ghim is a skilled warrior with the ax.

Slayn - the sorcerer
Slayn's life has primarily spent in study to become a sorcerer. He and Ghim are good friends. The main reason Slayn is on the journey is to assist Ghim. Later he comes to have feelings for Lalia. Even though he is modest when speaking of his own power, the spells he can cast are capable of being very powerful.

Woodchuck - the thief
Woodchuck's primary source of income is due to theft of one sort or another. He joins Parn after being freed from a prison. He mainly looks out for himself, but he also does help others occasionally. He is also very good at stealth and is skilled at using daggers. Later he is possessed by Karla.

The Marmo

Ashrum - the black night
Ashrum initially serves King Beld, but after Beld's death, his own aspirations to rule Lodoss take over. Ashrum is very cold, and calculating, perhaps even philosophical to some extent. His experience as a warrior is for the most part is unequaled (Parn was lucky to get away if you ask me.) Later he falls in love with Pirotess, which unfortunately ended up in tragedy.

Pirotess - the dark elf
Cool and collected, she is much like Ashrum. She comes to admire him soon after meeting him. Her loyalty to him is probably unmatched in all Lodoss. Eventually she comes to love him. It comes to the point where all her motivations are to serve him, and him ruling Lodoss... even at the cost of her own life.

Wagnard - the dark mage
Wagnard like Ashrum initially serves Beld. He then is possessed by the thirst for power. He then attempts to use Ashrum to aid him in his quest. Eventually his true intent is revealed : to resurrect Kardis. He believes that he can control Kardis, and attain eternal life, but of course the rest of Lodoss won't sit around while he tries...


Karla - the grey witch
Every time the balance of power in Lodoss shifts, Karla appears. Karla initially seems to serve Beld, but in fact she is serving her own purposes. Karla does not care whether good nor evil wins, she merely wishes to keep balance in Lodoss. She uses people as pawns. The true manifestation of Karla is in a circlet. The wearer is simply used by Karla.

Shiris - the mercenary
A mercenary by trade, her best friend, and partner is Orson (although he may feel more than friendship towards her. Brash and often very outspoken, she is practically the opposite of Orson. Later she comes to have feelings for Parn, even though he is in love with Deedlit. Her feelings for him are probably what keep her and Orson involved.

Orson - the mercenary

He is a mercenary warrior who accompanies Shiris. Although a skilled warrior, he is for the most part very calm, quiet, and collected. This is at odds with the fact that a spirit know as Hikuri resides within him, and causes him to become a berserker. His exact feelings towards Shiris are unknown, but his main concern is always for her safety.

The Six Heros

Their story is told in song and legend. They once saved all of Lodoss. Exactly what happened in that battle is not entirely clear. Over the years they scattered though out Lodoss. All though much time has passed, they all still play important roles and directly influence the accursed island.

Fahn - king of Valis
Fahn is the holder of the Holy Sword. King Fahn is known for bringing (a relative) peace throughout Lodoss. A wise and peace loving ruler, he is a good king. Yet sometimes his position as king proves to be more of a bane than a blessing. Parn's father Tesius once served under Fahn as a holy knight of Valis.

Beld - emperor of Marmo
Beld is the holder of the Demon Sword - Soulcrusher. Once he was friend and ally of King Fahn, yet as he decides to conquer Lodoss, Fahn is the one man whom stands in his way. Beld is said in song to have "lost his heart in conquest of the demon". What this exactly eludes to I cannot say, but it does coincide with the fact that Beld is a very cold person. He is also a good leader, and very smart strategically.

Flevé - ruler of the kingdom of stone
For the most part Flevé receives honorable mention. Very little is said about him, or what has happened to him. In fact about the only thing mentioned about him is that he is the final ruler of the kingdom of stone.

Wart - the sage of Moss
An old sorcerer, Wart is renowned for his wisdom and knowledge. His time is primarily spent in study high in his dwelling far away on a hill. Once he swore to protect Karla with his life in the Labyrinth, currently his is not so particular with her view of people as pawns. Although the two diverge in views, they still do to some extent have a friendship.

Neese - high priestess of Marfa
Neese spends most of her days in prayer. It is her daughter Laylia who Ghim seeks to return to her. Although her role isn't critical, she does direct Slayn and Laylia to find what is stirring on Marmo. And of course praying never hurt...

Karla - the grey witch
In the Legend of the Six Heros, she is the warrior who is not named. At that time Lodoss surely must have been in peril for Karla to appear. Although it seems at that time, she didn't consider herself above people as she does in the present.

Dragons of Lodoss
MycenThe golden dragon
Shooting StarThe demon dragon
Narsedragon of Marmo
Bramddragon of ice
Abramdragon of the sea
---dragon of the Great Tunnel

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