At first an anime such as Neo Ranga would seem to be rather... well, bland. The first few episodes put Neo Ranga on par with many of the old Japanese monster movies such as Godzilla, but with a few added twists. As things quiet down, the plot seems to sort of dwindle but there is a sort of underflow which builds up the main plot. At first it would seem that Neo Ranga is simply a large thing, and that things mainly revolve around the problems of the Shimbara family. But there is always some scheme at work behind the scenes. Politicians, the mob, and the secret group Kyoshinkai all vie for control over the strange creature, or at least to use Neo Ranga for their own purposes. As things progress, questions start to arise. What is Neo Ranga? Is it a god? It surely must be able to think to obey the commands of the three kings. But then again it doesn't always listen to them either. Just what IS it thinking anyway? As more gods and creatures are revealed, the world doesn't look like such a stable place after all - where the old gods can rise up and wreak destruction upon the land.

Eventually things start to come to light as Kyoshinkai unveils their true purpose (although the still have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. It is said that long ago there were many gods. The collective existence of these gods is known as 'Sura'. The Sura are bound by the will of a god known as Tao. Although the Kyoshinkai seem to be after Neo Ranga at first, it later becomes known that the Kyoshinkai simply want to use Neo Ranga to achieve their ultimate goal: to resurrect the Sura.

Hard to believe that it took an anime such as Neo Ranga the entire first season to work up to that point (24 episodes), but as things tend to get deeper into the very nature of what Neo Ranga is, it will surely get more interesting.

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