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Links... I hate this page

No seriously, I hate it. This page exists because back in 1996 there were some things all "homepages" had. You had a topic of sorts, maybe some pictures and an obligatory section of links to other sites at the bottom of your page. I guess in a world before Google, when search engines were terrible; this was an important way to network. In theory that could still apply today. I even went so far as to make an entire separate page of links. My site has a links section, because it has always had one.

As my site got older, other pages of the same generation started to die. I updated the links and fixed them. Most of those died. So I updated and fixed them again... and they too died. This has gotten old, and as of now I'm just linking whatever. Some pages will seem wacky and off the wall, but the more weird ones are the same links that have actually LIVED throughout being linked here.

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