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Entry #94
Lycian - the mysterious
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Record of Lodoss War
Fave Manga:
This is such a great site with a really great layout. Not only do you have great images, but you also have a lot of great information as well. Keep it up
Entry #93
KEIRSTIN SIPE : -) - the mysterious
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: I LIKE MOST OF EM! : -]
Fave Manga:
Entry #92
Beth - the mysterious
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Vampire Hunter D
Fave Manga:
Archen, wow, wasn't sure if you were still around or not. I was bored on this lovely April day and thought about you and everyone else who used to chat over at That was so long ago. I'm off to look at your site! I hope all is well with you and that life is treating you well! -beth aka kawaiisasami and a buttload of other names.
Entry #91
Tyrad - the mysterious
Saturday March 30th 2002
Fave Season: Too chicke
Fave Anime: Evanglion
Fave Manga:
..Wow. Very nice site. Information on all the /good/ animes. :) Thanks for making it, you sure as hell lightened my day :)
Entry #90
hinatasou - the mysterious
Thursday March 21st 2002
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: love hina
Fave Manga:
Let me be one of thousands to compliment you again on your professional web site. I am amazed by the fact that the page, including the content of the articles but more so the images, were created by a single designer. Your creativity and skill will take you far in life. Keep up the outstanding work. You are an inspiration to us all.
Entry #89
Skabais - the mysterious
Monday March 11th 2002
Fave Season: Too chicke
Fave Anime: Lain, Ghost in The Shell
Fave Manga:
Hi! I was really excited abaut Your page. As I am newbie to anime, it is difficult to orient in multiple titles. I am gratefull that You categoriezed titles by genre and gave them rating. Keep going!
Entry #88
Cate - the mysterious
Thursday February 28th 2002
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Utena! Vive la revolution!
Fave Manga:
Great site! I especially like the dub/dub argument! I really enjoy hearing someone defend their opinions! Very cool selection of titles, too! Obviously, a lot of hard work went into this site, and the results are beautiful! Thanks so much for your site!
Entry #87
Mike - the mysterious
Tuesday February 26th 2002
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Macross Plus
Fave Manga:
Nice page. Mine sucks. WOW.
Entry #86
Kanos - the mysterious
Sunday February 17th 2002
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Armitage III
Fave Manga:
Im impressed.Im so glad that this isnt another website dedicated to DBZ. Im not sure if this is popular or not,but my favorite anime Movies is Armitage III.Im sure youve seen it but if you havent,you need to check out this gem!
Entry #85
joseph - the mysterious
Saturday February 16th 2002
Fave Season: Too chicke
Fave Anime: none
Fave Manga:
Cool site~! I read the Domain page, as I was searching Google, and found your opinion interesting, as I'm a Domain Reseller. Also you can check out my twins' website, @ Thanks
Entry #84
jessimacaaaa - the mysterious
Sunday February 10th 2002
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: umm, to many to decide really
Fave Manga:
Great site! Keep up the great work!
Entry #83
Sakura-Chan - the mysterious
Sunday February 3rd 2002
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Card Captor Sakura
Fave Manga:
This is such a great page ^_^! You totally did a wonderful job on this.
Entry #82
smileyjkl - the mysterious
Tuesday January 29th 2002
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: ummm.... FY?... duno too hard to pick
Fave Manga:
This is a great page! I loved reading through your anime reviews and looking at your beautiful layout and graphics. I hope I can be so talented some day. I look forward to looking at the rest of your site soon! Visit my site if you would be so kind, but I know it is not nearly as good as yours!
Entry #81
Kevin - the mysterious
Monday January 28th 2002
Fave Season: Too chicke
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
Hiya Archen Drifting through the digital void of the internet, I've somehow wandered into your site. I gotta admit that the site is in very good hands. The personalized details and the layout of images and text are excellent. The style alone sets it uniquely apart from most anime sites. My eyes were crying sighs of thanks as I tour throughout the smooth and uncluttered site.

Umm... getting carried away here. Honestly, it is better than 98% of the sites floating out there in the internet. Only some of the Japanese anime homepages I've visited could rival this site. But that's comparing apples to oranges. So with further ado, I shall rate this site:

Category Anime Animation (Images) 9.6 *Spiffy and quick to load Music None *Either that or my anime mp3 *is on too loud again Storyline (Reviews/Comments) 9.2 *Daring truth and biased!! =) *opinnions Rating System 9 *Honest and Fair * Overall 9.7 *You'll be hard press to find *good sites like these* Bookmark now!!!

Oh before I go, I recommend that you check out this anime if you get the chance. It's in manga and animated form. The japanese/english title differs: SUGOI YO!! Masaru-san SEXY COMMANDO You might be forced to replace Fairy Princess Ren as the most insane anime. Warning!!! Don't eat/drink while watching this stuff. It's pretty dangerous as my brother almost choked to death while viewing(no joke). Your unexpected and fellow anime vistor, Kevin
Entry #80
fireysoul - the mysterious
Sunday January 20th 2002
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: can't choose
Fave Manga:
cool site Archen! luv the image pages and programs ^^ ...when r u going to update though???*.* seems like ages since the last time u upadated??? ...r u still a live? ^^
Entry #79
DarkAngel - the mysterious
Friday January 4th 2002
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: Vamipier hunter D
Fave Manga:
Hi, Im looking for any anime art work /or a porgram to make some please. If your the owner of the web site plz email me thank you Great WORK
Entry #78
ChiTeKi KaoSu - the mysterious
Friday December 14th 2001
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Fave Manga:
Yeah, man your site is freaking awesome. I love that your site is dedicated to the underground.
Entry #77
Mer - the mysterious
Thursday December 13th 2001
Fave Season: Too chicke
Fave Anime: Slayers
Fave Manga:
I have to say, this is the first site where I could read the long paragraphs without getting bored and leaving! I enjoy reading your opinions on issues. It's nice to know that some web authors aren't brain washed by the media. (refering to the 'b****ing' part of your site. That's right, I don't swear, but do you really need to swear to be smart? Half the children using these foul words don't even know there meanings) XD How do you work these newfangled comp-u-ters anywho!? bwaha- okay..sorry, I'm done.
Entry #76
Tabby - the mysterious
Saturday December 8th 2001
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Expect me to be decisive? ^_-
Fave Manga:
Okay, I'll try and stray from the infamous 'great page, nice job' entries (although that's basically all I'm here to tell you) while signing this. Essentially, all I have to say is that I really enjoyed your page. It's refreshing to see something informative, slightly random, and open-minded on the net, especially these days. I [again] really enjoyed your page, and I hope to see it prosper.

(By the way, I love the guestbook.)
Entry #75
Jason Robinson - the mysterious
Thursday December 6th 2001
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: I love em' all
Fave Manga:
I like your site. I think it is cool that you could give a (censor) what other people think. I'm using your site in Multi-Media for idea's of (kinda) how I want my page to look like. Your doin' good. Keep it up
Entry #74
Diaba - the mysterious
Thursday December 6th 2001
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Love Hina, Steel Angel Kurumi, about 100 more
Fave Manga:
I love your site! It has so much content compared to many other sites out there!!! And your design is simple and easy to follow and looks great! I love the little pics you use, so cute.